KTG Weekly Sales Tip: What’s your piece of the pie?


I hate when managers, coaches, and trainers tell you to “focus” on what’s NOT working, we should be focusing on what you need to improve on, but how about paying attention to what we know works?  

We are more apt to spend time on what we know, and what we like to do.

I say when it comes to prospecting (which is hard enough), figure out which methods work best for you. You either make net new meetings from foot canvassing, phone calling, emailing, referrals or networking, that’s it. That’s all you can choose from. I say – figure out which one performs best for you and although you can’t stop doing any of the other methods, you can certainly lean more towards the methods you like doing especially if it results in quality meetings for you. Like a pie chart, graph out which methods are your money makers and slice up the pie in your favor.

Spend half the time foot canvassing if you love that or combine networking more often if you see more meetings coming from that approach. 

Figure out what works the best and keep doing that!

Whatever makes you meetings, makes you money!

-Kate Kingston, The Kingston Training Group



KTG Weekly Sales Tip: What you need to do before the Fall really starts!


 Many of us approach the end of summer in ‘vacation mode’, first it’s getting back into the swing of work, and then back to school shopping, etc. Luckily, there are many things you can do to prepare for the big push that comes when the kids head back to school and the country settles back into work mode

I have always been a fan of identifying the problem and then removing it. There is one thing that could be stopping you from finding the time to prospect, so ask yourself this question:

Q: Are you answering the phone and dealing with current customers when you are supposed to be prospecting?

I bet you are. The way to stop this is to turn off your cell phone and put your office phone on “do not disturb” during your scheduled prospecting time.  It’s really that easy.  Before autumn rolls in you need to remove all the distractions that stop you from prospecting during your scheduled time and get to work.

If you make more meetings, YOU WILL make more money!

- Kate Kingston, The Kingston Training Group 



KTG Weekly Sales Tip: How to find out if your Prospects are reading your emails, without a read receipt!

In one of my trainings last week we were going over prospecting via emails and one of my reps asked if there was any way to know if his prospects are receiving and reading his emails without having to add a read receipt. I thought, “that would be nice, if only something like that existed.” So I searched around and guess what, it does! 

Contact Monkey tracks your email, and lets you know when, how and where your email was read, WITHOUT letting your prospect know! That means NO READ RECEIPTS needed.  It also provides you with weekly data about each email that was tracked, so you’ll know how many times your email was opened as well as any link you may have included in your email. To learn more about ContactMonkey.com, email me to receive the detailed fact sheet on how to navigate through this awesome online prospecting tool!

- Kate Kingston, The Kingston Training Group


KTG Weekly Sales Tip: How to Schedule your Prospecting time Effectively!

Several sales reps have asked me how I personally schedule all the prospecting preparation tasks into my Friday schedule. I thought that sharing my process might help you as you look to prepare an organized – probably full – but workable calendar for yourselves


7:30AM – 8:00 AM – Are you ready for the work week?

I am not always in the office by 7:30 AM but this meeting with me happens no matter what. 

I am answering the questions of:

  • Do I have my prospects researched and ready to go?
  • Have I scheduled my prospecting into my calendar for the week?
  • Have I gone over all the prospecting meetings I have scheduled for next week so I have my homework done for them?

8:00AM – 9:00AM – Google Alerts & LinkedIn prospecting because…

I created a folder in my Outlook & applied the rule that all Google alerts and Google trending be sent to that folder.

  1. I just open up that folder and look “by  date”  at  which new Google alerts have come in and then I address the relevant Google alerts with my prospecting.
  2. I especially pay attention to the Google alerts for my big current customers so I can email or call them about whatever the alert is describing.
  3. When I am done with Google, I go to LinkedIn and look at  the right hand side of my home page to see who has been viewing my profile and send prospecting emails to them directly through LinkedIn.  I then send 5 -10 requests for connections to new contacts. (I also find time on Wednesday to check LinkedIn again.)

By doing this 90 minute routine every Friday, I can be organized and disciplined in creating an efficent upcoming week while moving forward with all my Google & LinkedIn prospecting opportunities.  

They say the devil is in the details – I say the money is in the details – prepare on Fridays to execute your following week, and you’ll make more meetings, and more money.

-Kate Kingston, Kingston Training Group 


KTG Weekly Sales Tip: BTA East’s Annual Grand Slam Event! Come one, Come all!

On Sept. 15-16, 2014, the Business Technology Association’s (BTA; www.bta.org) East district will host its annual Grand Slam event at the Marriott Inner Harbor at Camden Yards in Baltimore, MD. The educational and networking event, open to dealers from across the country, is all about providing you the insight, guidance and tools you need to help ensure your dealership remains your market’s premier resource for office technology and services.

I will be speaking at this wonderful event, along with other keynote speakers in the Business Technology industry. This is a great opportunity to come learn how to better your business, and brainstorm with your colleagues from other regions of the country! Watch a preview of what you can expect when you sign up for this amazing event! 

To learn more, or sign up, click here!

(Attached is the PDF flyer for the event, pictured above)

East BTA’s Grand Slam Event Flyer.pdf

-Kate Kingston, The Kingston Training Group