KTG Weekly Sales Tip: Be Prepared!

The Boy Scouts have this one right, for sure, among many other things: Be Prepared. If you have two equally talented boxers, the one who has trained longer and harder will win. Take two equally talented baseball teams or football teams or any other team sport, the most prepared team has the advantage every time. If you want the advantage in sales situations, it’s very simple – BE PREPARED.

In terms of making EFFECTIVE prospecting calls this is what we mean by PREPARATION:

A. Set an APPOINTMENT WITH SUCCESS in your calendar to make at least 90 minutes of focused, effective calls for meetings at least four times weekly.

B. Do the research to know the following:

  • Which companies you will be calling
  • Who, specifically in those companies, you will be calling
  • Title and or position of everyone you will be calling
  • Which vertical market(s) you will be calling into
  • How that vertical makes money
  • What the key documents are within that vertical  
  • Buzzwords or vertical market vocabulary
  • At least three references of customers you have sold to within that vertical market 
  • A well-practiced “sales success” story that contains the COMPELLING reason(s) your prospect will accept your meeting

C. Make sure you have your calendar opened and know what dates and times you will be asking for meetings to start at.

D. Start with a POSITIVE, professional attitude.

E. EXPECT to be successful.

F. Make a “WARM UP” call to your manager or to your voice mail to practice that vertical market call.

G. SMILE and start making calls.

H. Review your call session and results. Seek to improve your calls and results by carefully assessing your call and your results.

Professionals always prepare…it’s what makes them professionals. Imagine Tiger Woods or your favorite golfer stepping up to the first tee without having practiced and prepared for a tournament. How well do you think they will do? Even extremely talented people have to PREPARE to compete at the topmost levels. Talent won’t make you more meetings without practice and PREPARATION, so prepare and make more money.

-Kate Kingston, The Kingston Training Group 


KTG Weekly Sales Tip: Is this 14 year old kid bringing more innovation to an MPS deal than you?


WOW! When I read this, I thought to myself, this is the kind of kid we need in our business. To think that this 14 year old identified something that his school’s technology rep didn’t even think of as a way to be more cost efficient for that school district’s technology budget is just amazing.  My tip to you this week is to always try to think outside the box, and look to see if this teenager’s idea can apply to your deals!  Set aside some time, open a discussion with your team and brainstorm new ideas like this one, figure out other interesting ways to drive cost efficiency in your company’s deals.

-Kate Kingston, The Kingston Training Group 


KTG Weekly Sales Tip: How to Prove your Experience without Uttering a Word!

So you got the meeting, you’re sitting down with your prospect for the first time, you’re getting out papers, you’re setting up your PowerPoint, etc… During this first initial chit chat with the prospect, think about presenting a document that shows a list of all your clients that would have relevance to this prospect.   

For example, if you are meeting with a school, the document could be titled, “Schools that have successfully partnered with _____________________ (insert your dealership name)“ and provide all the clients your company has worked with in that industry. Another way to present this sort of document is grouping your clients geographically. For example, “Union County companies who have partnered successfully with _____________________(insert your dealership name)“.

I did this very same thing when recently pitching a national manufacture. I pulled out a document that was titled, “Dealerships that have gotten over a 70% increase in Net New meetings by partnering with KTG”, and turned the document to face him. He looked down at the document smiled at me – I smiled at him and he knew I was the real deal. That is what I am proposing you try. It will only prove your credibility.

Don’t leave the document with your prospect but presenting it will prove your experience and why you deserve to meet with them without uttering a word.  

-Kate Kingston, The Kingston Training Group 


KTG Weekly Sales Tip: How can delayed send change the Prospect’s perception of you?


Did you know that you can delay the delivery of an email in advance so that it can get in front of your prospect over the weekend or early Monday morning without actually having to hit send at that exact time?  How you ask? Simply use delay send in your Outlook.

C-Level executives and business owners always review emails on the weekend. We do this while pretending to watch the endless hours of our children’s sporting events – at least I do. BUT if you create emails on Fridays and utilize delayed send you can set up your email to be sent whenever you choose, and make it seem like you were working at that exact moment. This creates the perception that you are available 24/7, and that’s something C-Level Executives appreciate. I often (with the TV on) on Sunday nights create at least 15 prospecting emails and place them on delayed send through options in my outlook, so while I’m on my way to work the emails are being sent without me having to be in front of my computer. This allows for my emails to be viewed right away when my prospect’s come into their office Monday morning and the emails won’t appear in the ‘last week’ email section.

I have provided a step by step guide below on how to accomplish this:

1. First open a new email, write your email as you’d like it read.

2. Then click options, and the option to delay message delivery will appear in your tabs.

3. A box will appear with options to set your date/time of when you want the email sent. 


4. Once you’ve set your desired time and date, press close, and then send. Your email will send at the date and time specified by you!

As always if you need further assistance, please email

mary@kingstontraining.com with any of your questions.

Thank you!

 - Kate Kingston, The Kingston Training Group 


KTG Weekly Sales Tip: The Secret to getting more “yes’s” from your email prospecting!

If you are implementing emailing in your prospecting, you want them to write you back of course. You want them to say yes or at least say something!  Here is the secret to getting more "yes’s" from email prospecting:

  • I always attach an email to the first voice mail I leave a prospect.
  • I put a task in my CRM to send a second email 3-4 days later to the same prospect.
  • When that task comes up in my calendar, I forward the same email back to the prospect again so that he has a second chance to see it.

C-level decision makers respond to second round of emails because they think they have missed something. That second email will dramaticallyincrease the responses. I do change the subject title to reflect that I am sending the email for a second time.

Now go get em!

Kate Kingston, The Kingston Training Group