KTG Weekly Sales Tip: How Do other Successful People Grow their Business?

I don’t know about you but I am always looking to find out how other successful people are making their business grow. You have some successful sales leaders right inside your company so why not tap into their process for the rest of your sales team.

Ask your two best sales people to prepare a 2 minute explanation each on the following:

  • How they decide on which prospects to go after?
  • When they input information into the CRM?
  • What steps do they take most often to get the first meeting with a prospect?
  • Do they spend any time researching or learning about the prospect before they call, walk in or email them for the first time?
  • How many times will they touch the prospect before they give up and put them at the bottom of the heap?
  • What do they prepare for their meeting with them?

At your next meeting hand out a form of all the explanations to all the sales people so they can take notes from your heavy hitters and put their successes to work!

- Kate Kingston, The Kingston Training Group


KTG Weekly Sales Tip: Find out when your prospect sends out a RFP!


A sales rep asked me to find out if there was a way to guarantee to know when a RFP comes out – well here is the answer:

FindRFP.com is a online prospecting tool that allows you to search for Requests for Proposals in your own industry and state, as well as by keyword. With this helpful tool, you never have to call and ask your prospect if they need your services again, because you’ll already know!  

If you need help understanding this website better, email me 

for our KTG Fact Sheet on FindRFP.com! 

-Kate Kingston, The Kingston Training Group


KTG Weekly Sales Tip: Wanna hear a Sales Pitch done right?


Okay, so you found your point person now what do you say? This can be the most nerve wrecking step in prospecting but if you want to hear a business technology prospecting pitch done the right way

Kate Kingston has you covered,

click here to hear me pitch perfectly to a Law Firm.

Now that you’ve listened to the way it should to be done, ask yourself: 

“How does this differ from the way I or my sales team pitches?

If you would like to accomplish this in 45 different industries, to each C-Level decision maker you meet with, click here to schedule a call with Kate Kingston, to discuss how you can pitch a sale like I do.

-Kate Kingston, The Kingston Training Group


KTG Weekly Sales Tip: How to convert your car into an efficient Mobile Office!

Several sales people spend a great deal of time in their cars, let’s be honest it’s our portable office when we’re on the road.  In today’s sales tip I will share with you some great ways to convert your car into a functioning, productive office space. This way you can keep your business day moving forward and utilize your time to its full potential, which we all know is crucial to any sales rep. 

Step 1) Make sure the passenger side of your car is clean and free of clutter.  It would be really best to have your whole car clean to feel even more organized, however just having your passenger seat cleared out will be enough if you don’t have time to do a full clean.  

Step 2) Purchase a 150-watt converter that has an additional port as well as an USB port. These ports cost around $50 dollars at most and can be purchased at any Radio Shack, Best Buy or most gas stations. The converter plugs into your cigarette lighter receptacle, and will handle a lap top’s energy needs.

Step 3) If you don’t have Wi-Fi already on your phone, upgrade your plan for the Wi-Fi, it’s just worth it to have the ability to go online anywhere you are. You may also want to upgrade your plan to have unlimited data, just in case you can’t find Wi-Fi in a rural area. 

Step 4) Now when the car is PARKED, and NOT MOVING, you can create your office space on your passenger seat.  Set up your laptop, your phone, and notes so you can continue to prospect, and keep on top of your current customers.

In addition, you can keep your CRM up & running on your laptop, this alone allows you to:

 - Transcribe your notes from your prospecting meetings, right after they have happened.

 -Stay on top of your current customer needs through email, reminders, and notes.

 -You can access any work you may have, if you have a lull between meetings or travel.

 You won’t need to compose notes, tasks, or follow up actions twice anymore. This small investment creates better time management, relieves your work load because you can immediately address any emails you receive and keep your business running while you’re on the run.

Lastly, we are not affiliated or sponsors of this company, but we had to share this with you because we thought it was so super cool and organized all at the same time! If you have the means, and the want, we highly recommend purchasing the mobile desk companion.  

Don’t know how to make your smart phone a mobile hotspot? Email me, for the fact sheet: How to turn your Phone into a Travel Wi-Fi Hotspot.  

- Kate Kingston, The Kingston Training Group kkingston@kingstontraining.com

KTG Weekly Sales Tip: Smart Foot Canvassing!

Here are a few helpful pointers on how to Foot Canvass productively:

1) First plan to do your foot canvassing near any meetings you’ve already scheduled. The key word here is PLAN; don’t just randomly stop in at any business you see as you’re walking. If you don’t have any meetings scheduled, be sure to email your prospect that you may stop by a week or so before, so they can’t say you didn’t tell them.

2) Before heading out for the day, look in your database and choose 5-10 worthy prospects that are close to where you are going.

3) Print out any notes that you might have on these companies, including the names of the executives you’d like to meet with. If you don’t have notes, get notes. Researching your prospect is crucial, knowing your prospect is how you gain and keep a client.

4) Then arm yourself with this information, be sure to know on cue what these companies do, especially how they make their money, and how your product or service can plug effortlessly into their process. Remember, it’s all about them and what they need.

5) Now you’re ready to go! You’re about to walk into that office prepared and ready to close. 

BONUS!: Email me to receive a script (talk track) for these kinds of foot canvassing introductions!

- Kate Kingston, Kingston Training Group